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La3no Cubano is a multigenre band from Slovakia, playing rhytms from all over the world – african, latin-american, arabian, gipsy, balkan, drum´n´bass or funky. The boys are mixing it all up in a tasty worldmusic cocktail, with a strong flavor of traditional Slovak folk roots. The guys from La3no Cubano are best known for their crazy live shows, full of dance, spontaneous improvizations and fun.

Zadnja Minuta

More than a fixed band Zadnja Minuta is a collective of musicians, sharing the same repertoire. At HeadQuarters the band will be performing as a trio, with clarinet/vocal, guitar, and sax / percussions. The feeling of their music can be happy and danceable, as well as melancholic and meditative, or simply to enjoy. The whole repertoire is based on an ethnomusicological research about the relationship between songs and culture.
Balkan Beats DK Balkan Beats DK is a balkan DJ Duo/Party concept from Aarhus, known for exposing the balkan culture within Denmark. Established four years ago, supporting balkan parties in and around Denmark. Playing and mixing traditional balkan music, Balkan beat, folk, gyspy and dub. In other words, they like to party – hard.

aug 23 2013


Date: august 23, 2013
Time: 22:30 - 04:30
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