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From the darkest depths of Copenhagen comes the sludgy doom monster that is Bethmoora. Huge riffs, bludgeoning rhythm with seriously disturbing vocals. If you like your doom from the dark side, this is for you. Copenhagen based sludge/doom 5 piece Bethmoora. Huge riffs, bludgeoning rhythms and disturbing vocals are key elements of the slow descent.

DRUKNER is a heavy Doom and Stoner Metal outfit out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Their only release at the moment is a self titled full-length, which came out back in September 2016. Their sound is one of slow movement and laid-back but still very present energy. With Drukner, there is no rush to get anywhere. It’s chill music on their terms, and as a result, their riffs really blossom into something special along the way. Each riff melts seamlessly into the next, creating an impressive gradient of sound. But Drukner are not exactly just straight up stoner doom. Elements of horror liken them more to a bad acid trip than to your usual psychedelic frolic through the strawberry river, and that makes them stand out in a really interesting way.
In a combination of heavy, riff-based doom metal, and with references to bands like High On Fire, Crowbar and Black Sabbath, Copenhagen-based DIRT FORGE are ready to challenge the Richter scale with their powerful stranglehold on the metal genres’ black sheep. The band has a reputable live experience supporting such acts as Crowbar, Monolord and Throneless.
➤ HQ åbner: 19.00
➤ Koncertstart: 21.00
➤ Forsalg: 50 kr.
➤ Entre i døren: 75 kr. 20:00 – DIRT FORGE
21:00 – DRUKNER
22:00 – Bethmoora

nov 17 2017


Date: november 17, 2017
Time: 19:00 - 05:00
Cost: 75kr / 50kr forsalg
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