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Blikflak og HQ præsenterer: JEREMYTRoY + Lotus Noir + Ahead

Nu-Urban er en række koncertaftener der præsenterer et udsnit af den danske urbane musikscene. Tredje aften i rækken bliver med lokale JEREMYTRoY, Lotus Noir der stort set lige er vendt hjem fra London og sidst men ikke minds Ahead fra Aalborg, der er på scenen blandt andet joines af rapperne Blacc El og Vic Is’ Eye
➤ HQ åbner: 19.00
​➤ Koncertstart: 20.30
➤ Forsalg: 25 kr.
➤ Entré i døren: 40 kr.
➤ HQ DJs fra kl. 23.00 – 03.00
The danish/american 19 year old rapper & producer JEREMYTRoY, is exploring the limits of Hip Hop, Neo-Soul & Trap music. With his spacey lyrics and unusual beats that he produce himself, he creates an experimental universe you can’t overlook if you’re looking for a new sound of hip hop. The music lives in an electronic universe, but his band are performing all the music live, and at times he will play the drums himself while rapping.
Lotus Noir
Behind Lotus Noir is the Danish/Guinean singer, songwriter, and producer Nanna Prip. From an early age Nanna showed interest in music, and her playful way of approaching singing, playing the piano, and fooling around with both drums and guitar, gave a healthy foundation for the artist Lotus Noir to sprout from. The soft 90’s inspired universe of Lotus Noir, is deeply rooted in RnB, hip hop and soul, and her unique voice binds it all neatly together in an aural bouquet she is ready to present!
Her debut with the EP “A Lucid Dream” which launched into the world in June 2017, is solely produced, written and sung by herself, and in September 2018 she was ready to present her debut album.“
Ahead dives deep into hypnotising grooves, and invite the listernes on board. Their universe is created from roots deep in the soils of jazz, soul and R&B, but adding a solid mix of hip hop, and a forward pushing pace, gives it a sound of the future.
Ahead is an instrumental group but is known for working with different soloists. They have previously shared the stage with artists such as Blacc El, Oliver Dengsø, Lotus Noir, Vic Is Eye, etc. and together with the various vocalists they create an energy that causes the audience to wave.
On 16/05, Ahead can confirm that they are joined by Lotus Noir, Blacc El and Vic Is’ Eye, but they expect even more features.

maj 16 2019


Date: maj 16, 2019
Time: 20:00 - 04:00
Cost: 40kr / 25kr forsalg
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