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Blossom + Support: Digits Do It

Support: Digits Do It Digits Do It is about finding the perfect song without wanting to keep it captured on a sheet. The repertoire is improvised on the spot without you noticing it. Using a large panel of processed sounds to describe their world, it is nonetheless without any pretentious thoughts that the band glides between the rhythm of the keyboard drums and the japanese lyricism of the voice synthesizer. The music played is comparable to an intense intercourse between Philippe Glass and the Magnetic Eagle which could be at first quite confusing at the first time but terribly addictive after a first try. The band is formed by three young and good looking boys coming from Denmark and Switzerland. Just for seeing that weird ethnical combination you might be interested to show up at the concert. Karmen Roivassepp: Vocal Malthe Jepsen: Keys Andrian Christensen: Keys Anatole Buccella: Guitar]]>

mar 29 2016


Date: marts 29, 2016
Time: 20:00 - 02:00
Cost: 50kr
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