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Eigengrau + Puja

 are many and Eigengrau sees it as its errand to invite the listeners to add their own descriptions depending on their individual experiences. The instrumental expression does not lead listeners on a defined path through words, on what should be thought and felt but leaves a space for the listeners’ own reflection and thus the possibility of a unique personal conception of the music. A conception with the potential for as diverse experiences as there are individuals to perceive it. In the seven to twenty minutes which the tracks last, repetition is a rarity and the dynamics and musical facets are carefully thought through. It is here that Eigengrau invites everyone to interpret and experience the music in the ethereal now that reality is. ——– Puja is a three piece band based in Aarhus, Denmark. The band combines elements from progressive and psychedelic rock with inspiration from Middle Eastern musical traditions in pursuit of creating an original new musical language. The band members individual approach to music creates an interesting spectrum in which guitar loops, spacey effects and harmonic experimentation meets the freedom of improvisation.]]>

nov 06 2015


Date: november 6, 2015
Time: 19:00
Cost: 40kr
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