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Federal Unicorn + Ursus Factory + Samzara

Federal Unicorn:
​Extravagant and persistent – with an attitude of a sophisticated punk, this band reaches out to their audiences with messages of individualism, self-liberation and love, all-immersed in substance induced sounds and a personality torn between discipline and lavishness. ​​The band is currently working towards the release of their new self-titled EP, coming out this spring. The music video for the first single of the EP was released in February and has sparked some controversy on social media, as it shows two radicalists engaging in sensual sex. Check out the music video here (N-16): Ursus Factory:
“Ursus Factory is a garagerock duo from Helsinki, Finland. It consists of two child-faced dudes, Jussi and Allu, who’s uncontrollable energy and riffs hit you in the face, but in the same time the mood is overflowing with emotional sensitivity. Although the wall of noise is aggressive and offensive, the band can be at times openly naive. The songs are usually about the pain of living, but they don’t avoid the self-ironic humor. Through good songs, randomness and improvisation, the band takes the audience as a part of a primitive rock-ritual through good songs, randomness and improvisation. Ursus Factory is more about unrestrained self-expression, exploding and a good party than coolness or other trivial things.” (- Antti Vuorenmaa / Nälkä.fi) Samzara:
​Samzara is an alternative rock trio from Aarhus, Denmark. The band is known for their energetic and powerful live performances in a sonic universe that combines catchy melodic tunes with undertones of raw melancholy and gritty noise. Samzara has performed on stages all over Denmark, and was also the support band on Nelson Can’s nationwide autumn tour.

➤ HQ åbner: 19.00
​➤ Koncertstart: 20.00
​➤ Forsalg: 40 kr.
​➤ Entré i døren: 60 kr.
​➤ Kærlighed: 100P


apr 26 2018


Date: april 26, 2018
Time: 20:00 - 00:00
Cost: 60kr / 40kr forsalg
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